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I have never being to this place, but there lechon has been to our family party many times. I have to say that this was one of the best one I had in a long time. The lechon was very moist, tender and well season and the most important the damn skin was super crispy.

Time to make that Dr. Appointment.



There's nothing as perfectly delicious as Philippine roast pig called lechon (from the Spanish word for the same).   At any  Filipino family gathering, the centerpiece to an authentic feast is a huge or (my preference a baby suckling) pig, a  lechon, with an apple in it's mouth.  It almost daunting to see this but typically a lechon sits in center of a beautiful table replete with native dishes.  It's  enough to feed a village.  The roast meat itself is super tender, moist and good but the  crowning glory to a lechon is the SKIN-- the crunchy beautiful caramel brown shiny skin.  This beautiful state is reached from a low and slow roasting for hours and hours and if done traditionally, banana leaves are worked over the animal and used as a 'brush' to baste the rotating roast.  The last time I visited the Philippines, a wild boar and baby calf (marinated in whiskey and honey) were cooked gloriously for 8 hours and I could swear to you it does not get any better-- eat ya heart out Andrew Z.

If your host does it correctly, you get served a piece of skin and meat.  Hold up, put the meat aside, take a piece of skin first.  Go ahead, bite into it, feels like glass doesn't it, let it crack and when it breaks it feels like you are  crunching on glass (no FIB!!!! ).  Yah Yah, you can say I can get that from a good Chinese BBQ place like Sam Woo or a Cuban lechon or even superb Puerto Rican lechon. I've had all 3, you're lying.   

There is no taste sensation on this food-rich earth to duplicate the crunch when you bite into the skin of a well made Philippine lechon.  It's somewhat akin to a Peking duck skin but more caramelly, less anise, less orange, just plain crunchy and delicious  And  Eva's Lechon makes the best I've had outside the Philippines.  Her lechon has that crunch-- that your mouth immediately senses as breaking glass, so surreal but freakin' good. Then a flavor dimension permeates your palate, an  unctuous beautifully rendered skin flavors that cannot even be compared to the best crunchy pork belly you've had. Dip the meat and skin in pate sauce (slightly sweet and tart with a hint of pepper) to complete the dish.  Drink an Oregon Pinot with this and you are a Carnivore in porcine heaven!!     Done and Done.

Tip:  This is the epitome of a dive in the country, where you may have driven for hours to get a lechon no one else can make.  But nah, you're in El Lay where all world cuisines coexist lovingly.  Don't we love El-Lay!!   If you get squeamish looking at an entire animal cooked beautifully from snout to tail, this is not for you..... Wimp.   An entire roast lechon is about $250 and Eva's will tell you how many it will feed.  My guess is the entire village.  Cash only.  They don't deliver but they will help you load your purchase in your car.

Visits:  5

William S. (Los Angeles, CA)

I ordered a medium lechon the Monday before the weekend I needed it.  It was AMAZING. I've had tons of lechon and this might have been the best, if not at least top 5 roasted pigs that I have eaten.  The skin was thin and crispy.  The meat was super juicy tender and flavorful!  It almost tasted like they marinaded it before roasting.  Top notch and I highly recommend!

Mariss D. (Los Angeles, CA)

This is the best lechon I've had in my life.  Granted, I've not gotten to taste lechon in the Philippines, will do that on my next trip, but this is the best I've had EVER in the States.  For reference, I am Filipino, and have eaten a lot of lechons at many a family party.

The skin was CRISPY and well seasoned!!!  It was NOT soggy, rubbery, or stale like others I've had in the past.  Nor was it too salty, or bland.  As far as aesthetics go, the skin was a gleaming golden brown.

The meat inside was juicy, flavorful, savory, etc. etc.  I could go on and on.  It wasn't full of fatty globs of grease either, they somehow render the fat away almost entirely. It's heavenly.  It pulls away from the bone so easily, reminiscent of good barbecue.

As for the pricing, I believe it to be quite fair.  For $260 you get their largest pig [Super Jumbo] and it feeds at least 80, which calculates to $3.25 per person.  Not bad at all!  At our party we had a little over 100 guests, and still had leftovers of the super jumbo size to make paksiw!

I saw another review that gave this place one star!  HOW!?  Then I go on to read about how they only had a problem with the pricing, and didn't even review the food itself.  Unfair judgement if you ask me.  This lechon was unlike any other, so I knew said review had to be biased.  That reviewer is missing out!

I cannot emphasize enough, how delicious this lechon is.  Give it a try!  My family will be purchasing our lechon from Eva's from now on.  Thank you, Eva's!!!

Camille C. (Long Beach, CA)

Man oh man was the lechon pure bliss. I honestly loved the hooves on it and it was indeed delicious. Even though I am a vegetarian I made an exception to eat the lechon because of how good the whole pig looks and smells. In the end we were chewing on the butt meat like it was candy and OH MAN it was delicious. I was so content when I experienced heartburn again because that would mean I am a true American again. The feeling of my heart rate speeding up and my arteries closing up. It was so good that I bought another one the next day.

Bailey L. (Los Angeles, CA)


I rarely make bad decisions, but when I do - I make sure I compare it to that one time I bit directly into that delicious roasted pig hoof. Although there is a certain enigma to sinking your teeth into that roasted goodness - you can't help but think about what that pig has stepped in.  Those types of asinine thoughts- is why I deeply love eva's lechon. The lechon is so vigoriously tasty it is also quit clever in that it challenges you to imbibe in the pigs own lifestyle prior to consumption. Other than the hoof, my favorite part is biting into the apple, which is deeply lodged with in the pigs dislocated jaw.  I found the lecheon to be both delicious and inspiring, and I look forward to eating more delicious foods that are the same characters of my favorite childhood book.

Paolo G. (Loomis, CA)

Considering this place has been written up by the likes of Jonathan Gold and has been around for over 30 Years, I assumed that it would have more than 13 reviews...In any case, Eva's Lechon is an L.A institution when it comes to making some of the finest Filipino-style Lechon (fire-roasted pork). Eva's prices are pretty decent and the quality of the lechon is pretty good. My family has been getting whole roasted pigs from Eva's for years, and they've always been beautifully crisp, glistening specimens with just the right amount of seasoning. The meat is tender and juicy, while the outer skin is crispy with just the right amount of gelatinous fat to it. They also offer Lechon Manok (chicken) and Baka (whole roasted calf), 
and are Cash Only.

Most recently, we came in here for some lechon by the pound, which is something you need to make a reservation for, as its based on availability. The taste was great, but the portions were disappointing. I was hoping for a mountain of pork belly, but instead half of the order was leg and rump. If you're going to get something from Eva's, definitely do it whole, as by the pound is not representative of their greatness. 

Disclaimers: While Eva's has an "A" rating with the health department and has been acclaimed in the city for years, the location is bare-bones and a little on a dingy side. Don't let that stop you though. Eva herself is a little older Filipina lady, so try and be patient with her-- she's a little on the slow side these days. Make sure to call orders in advance and bring cash. I don't think they delivery anymore, and last I was there, she was the only person inside. Other places might *seem* better, but word on the street is, some of the other lechon places (that shall remain un-named) get their pigs pre-roasted from Chinatown...which is cheating, in my book.

Frances L. (Los Angeles, CA)

Ordered my large lechon 2 weeks in advance.  I appreciated the fact that they didn't make me drive to LA from Long Beach to put a deposit or pay in advance, name and phone were all that was necessary to reserve.  Pig was ready for me when I got there to pick it up.  Luckily there are two loading zones around the store.  Pig comes out perfectly golden brown and juicy.  They have people that help you load up and put down paper, but if you have carpet, bring a sheet of plastic.  Got the pig home and it was an insane hit.  My friends picked the pig clean with very little left over.  Perfect size for the 40-50 people I have but next time I'm going jumbo or super jumbo for the extra $15-25 so people can take meat home with them.  the sauce is amazing as well.  taste kind of like teriyaki brown gravy.  

all in all, if I throw a big party, I can almost guarantee you I will use an Eva's Lechon from now on.  In fact, throwing another next month just so we have a reason to get another pig!

Thank you guys for the excellent pig!

John L. (Long Beach, CA)

I order small lechon but they advice me just 1/2 of large pig if I want crispy skin right bec they are 30 yrs already in business

Paula A. (Burbank, CA)

Great place! I love the lechon. I can't say anything about the pickup since I've never picked the lechon up, I've only had it at family parties. It's really really good! The skin was crispy and the meat was moist and tender, just how lechon should be. My Filipino family always goes here for their lechon needs!
My family once ordered a whole pig for a party and it was all gone. My mom couldn't make pork stew from the leftovers because there weren't any. ): Haha!

Stefan B. (Los Angeles, CA)

So on my birthday, my girlfriend says we are going to brunch with her Dad in the morning.  She calls me after her yoga and says "come pick me up at my dad's house, I just came here to shower after yoga."  Thats weird, why wouldn't she just do that at my house?  I live much closer.  Also, why did all my roommates disappear while I was in MY shower?

So I drive up to her dads house.  I start seeing my friends' cars in his neighborhood.  Ok, so I've figured it out.  Theres a surprise behind those doors.

I walk in and try to pretend I really am surprised.  I mean, I don't want to let her down.  What else could surprise me more?


The word "EPIC" cannot summarize this enough.  The pig was f-ing EPIC.  So moist, so tender, so flavorful.  I can't think of anything better.

A "medium" pig fed 20 of us with just HALF of it.  And we sent everyone home with leftovers.  And I took the bones and boiled a thick unctuous pork broth the next day.  

Best.  Birthday.  Ever.

I can't vouch for the customer service, since it was a surprise, but my GF said they were very kind and some young strapping boys helped her load the pig in her trusty Scion.

Seriously, find 20 of your closest friends, collect $10 from all of them, and get yourselves a whole roast pig from Eva's Lechon.  You will NOT be upset!

Sean H. (Los Angeles, CA)

I'm a fan because of the price and size, and flavor. Not every piece of skin is crispy, but then again, I might be too picky. But when I do find a crispy piece, it's oh so delish. There's some nice tender juicy meat on the pig as well.

We were looking into getting a half pig. Most places only serve a whole pig. Eva's has various portion sizes. After calling up at least 6-7 places, I selected Eva's. They were open for Christmas as well. Another deciding factor. Sis drove all the way from Norwalk to KTown, but worth the price and portion. And of course, flavor.

Eli N. (Norwalk, CA)


What do you expect, Eva's Lechon is famous. Expect a line during holidays. Besides have you ever tried to buy a hot dog at "Pinks", sometimes the line is a half a block long. I will wait 2hrs just to have a piece of lechon, it takes 7-or more hrs to cook. Forget the haters .... Eva's Lechon is number #1

Paula A. (Los Angeles, CA)


Ordered a medium lechon for a baby shower and it was a hit. I had ordered a lot of lechon and this one was a homerun. Very flavorful meat and crunchy skin. This is key for us Filipinos. For our party of a 100 people this was more than enough. However we did have 10 other dishes. First time I ordered here and definitely will not be the last.

Don G. (Quartz Hill, CA)


We had about 100 people this pas weekend and had a super jumbo and a medium.  THEY WERE AMAZING. The skin was as crisp as glass, the meat super tender and incredibly succulent.  Total winner.

leannne c. (Los Angeles, CA)

Ordered a super jumbo lechon for my son's 1st birthday.  They delivered all the way from Koreatown to Altadena.  My son's party didn't start until 12:00 but I requested a delivery time of 11:00 anticipating "filipino time" and they would be a little late.  Lo and behold they were on time!  A beautifully roasted pig at our venue at 11:00?!  The guests enjoyed the lechon and, in true filipino fashion, most of the skin was gone by the end of the party.  The meat was very tender and the skin I had was crispy.  The only reason this place gets 4 stars versus 5 is that I did have some guests say that they did get parts of the skin that were a little soft and chewy.  But overall, I am very satisfied.

Aileen E. (Monrovia, CA)

I had their lechon yesterday at a baby shower...OMG, it has to be the best I've ever had!  The skin was super crispy and the meat part was super moist and full of flavor!  My next lechon is going to be from here!!

Olivia J. (Montebello, CA)


Ordered a whole roasted pig for a party this past weekend and it was good.  Had to order about 4 days in advance since they prep the pig.  I got the smallest one they had which was $215 total.  Fed about 40 people but it probably could have fed a few more since we had quite a bit of leftover's.  Overall, was really good and would definitely repeat.

Penn T.(El Segundo, CA)

Ordered a large pig--I believe it should feed 40 or so, but it definitely feeds more.  It was so delicious.  They nailed the texture, the meat was moist and flavorful; the skin--I remember what chicharron is supposed to taste like.  The sauce is really unnecessary but and nice thought.  We ordered it for a superbowl party and we just hovered around the table all day and into the evening.  Ears and cheeks were amazing.  If I were a genuine pig (and not just a man), I'd want to be sent to Eva's when it was time.  They really respect the animal with such lovely preparation.  I can't wait for the next excuse to get one. Bravo!

Ray G.(Alhambra, CA)

Just had their lechon last week.  Great pig!  Crispy skin and moist meat.  I would definitely order from them again.  Highly recommended.

Gustin H. (Los Angeles, CA)




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Eva's Lechon

Nothing furnishes a room like books, they say. And nothing furnishes a party like a big, shiny roasted pig from the Filipino roasting house Eva's, plopped whole in the middle of the table. Men will fear you. Women will admire you. Your vegetarian friends will feel entirely justified in their contempt. Everybody wins. But the apple in its mouth is strictly up to you. Eva's Lechon, 4252 W. Third St., L.A. (213) 383-3179.

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